How can I purchase your work?

I release my work in small batches every 5 to 6 weeks.  I will announce the date and time of each release on instagram  and via email ( for my email subscribers).   All available pieces will go live in the shop at the time of the release and will be sold on a first come first serve basis.  


Why is your shop empty?

My work tends to sell out quickly.  If my shop is empty, I am sold out until my next release.  Follow along on instagram or subscribe to my emails to get updates on what's coming next.


Can I order a custom piece?

Sorry, I do not take custom order requests.


Can I reserve a piece?

In an effort to keep things simple and fair, I do not reserve or hold pieces.


Can I pre order something?

A few times a year I will create a specific piece for pre order.   When I do, there will be a limited number of pre order slots available in my online shop and they will be sold on a first come first serve basis. I will always announce the pre orders ahead of time on instagram and via email.   


Are your pieces microwave or dishwasher safe?

NO!  All of my work is made with real 22K gold which is metal and can NOT be microwaved.  In addition to the gold, some of my work is made with metal findings to attach charms and baubles, metal can not be microwaved.  

Hand wash only.    These are one of a kind functional, art pieces and should be handled with care.


Where do you ship?

Yes, I am now offering international shipping!  woohoo!!  

What are your prices?

Prices are different for each piece depending on time and materials.  All of my work is one of a kind and takes many hours to create.  Each piece is hand sculpted, hand painted, detailed with real 22k gold and requires 4 kiln firings.  Most of my work falls in the $200-$500 range but larger, more detailed pieces may be more.


Tips for purchasing:

My work tends to sell out within minutes and pieces are sold on a first come first serve basis.  I recommend having an alarm set for release dates and having your payment/shipping info saved in advance.  If multiple people have the same item in their cart, it will go to the person that completes the checkout process first.    If you missed a release or a specific item that you were trying to get, no worries, I am always working hard on new pieces for the next release.   


My Process:

All of my work is formed and sculpted by hand using stoneware (and sometimes porcelain) clay which I source locally in Portland Oregon.  Each piece is hand painted and glazed using food safe ceramic glazes then fired in a kiln to about 2200F.  

Each of my creations is completely one of a kind, no two will ever be exactly alike.  They take me HOURS to create, literally sometimes up to 30 hours will go in to one piece. An entire collection can take me up to 6 months to finish due to the many different processes used (which include 4 different glaze applications and 4 firings). 

For the cherry on top, all of my work is detailed with real 22k gold for a super luxurious and delicious finish!

The absolute most important part of the entire process..... I LOVE IT!  I have so much fun creating these unique and collectable pieces, I end up falling in love with every single one of them and I hope you love them as well.